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Puriti Retreats a unique selection of well-being retreats situated in some of the most stunning, private and exotic locations.

A Puriti Retreat is a call to wellness, a re-introduction to the benefits of good ritual health. A Puriti Retreat is an investment in yourself – an acknowledgement that you are ready to take charge of your health and wellbeing and cleanse yourself of the exhaust fumes of modern living.

Puriti Retreats a unique marriage of ancient Siamese purification practices and contemporary, clinical health doctrine. A perfect balance of ancient nutritional wisdom with the best that modern science has taught us about maintaining a healthy body.

Puriti Retreats contain a full nutritional weekly plan with amazing, delicious foods all tailored to your bodies requirements. There are exercise regimes including Pilates, Tai Chi and Yoga, designed to suit your level of fitness and flexibility. Massage is also a feature as is tuition in health and wellness practice. You will glean valuable knowledge you can apply to your daily living as well as share with others.

For many, a Puriti Retreat is so profound as to be life changing. Catharsis is not uncommon. For others, it is a well-deserved respite, a reconnection to how their mind and body felt before the temptations of convenience living.

Whether you seek a complete transformation, a chance to revisit the core wisdom of better health practice or only time out in an exotic, supportive environment designed purely for your benefit, there is a Puriti Retreat for you. It’s as fun and light-hearted as it is focused and challenging. The perfect mix.

Your mind and body are a one-off, we don’t get another. Invest in you and lay a clear path to a healthy mind and body. The Puriti practitioners and location partners entreat you to take the first step. Puriti Retreats can enrich your life!

The commencement of the new you is literally a few clicks of the mouse away. Follow the prompts, choose a location and book a Puriti Retreat now.  Invest in you, it’s time.

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You are craving health.

You know that type of well-being that leaves you feeling deliciously connected to your deepest inner self. Get juiced up, feel amazing and go for your life like never before.

As a driven, successful person, I’m sure you are juggling work, family and life, which can extract a hefty tax. Are you feeling exhausted, unsure of how to fix yourself and every setback demands greater recovery time?


Puriti retreats are tailored for those who ‘worked their socks off’, achieving high rewards but finding the toll of all that dedication affecting their health. 

No ordinary retreat!

Review, Reset and Revitalise.

Energize your life


Create a life that feels good on the inside and shows on the outside. Today’s fast paced way of living makes it all too easy to forego fitness and opt instead for work, work, work and calorie-laden comfort foods.

Personal wellbeing is essential for a healthy body and mind, to achieve this, it is important to take time out from life’s daily pressures, to seek much-needed serenity and a new perspective.

If you’re experiencing stress and burnout, or would simply like to drop a few pounds Puriti retreats are one of a kind. The ultimate tonic.  


Focusing on sustainable transformation, join us for a unique experience. Well-developed programs, tailored to your needs and desires for more energy, better health, clear skin and head space to think!

Unique Four-day, three-night programs available.

Retreats run all year round.

Exclusive selection of holistic wellness retreats designed by Deborah Williamson Founder of Puriti, a U.K. and Phuket based British Herbalist, Detox and Nutritional Therapist.

Your retreat focuses on getting your body active, and well.

Fantastic regenerative health program, you’ll enjoy the tranquillity.

Experience vegan cuisine, incorporating functional foods. Saintly, but delicious, foods containing natural health-giving additives. Filling you with living enzymes, scientifically proven to promote natural healing.


Focusing on you, nourishing you in ways to bring forth your natural glow. 

On booking, you can choose to send a small sample of your hair for Bio-resonance so your general wellbeing can be ascertained. You’ll find out what foods harm or heal you. See which vitamins and mineral you are deficient, preventing your body from giving you its best.


We work with you to plan personalised menus, flooding your body with the nutrients you require for long-term sustainable wellbeing. During your stay, you will receive an in-depth consultation, used to develop a program designed just for you.

Email: deborah@puritiprograms.com

We can discuss your needs in-depth with wellbeing specialist Deborah Williamson.

Let us know how we can help you feel amazing.

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 Slow down, breathe easy and, above all, relax.