14 Day Slim & Fit

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14 Days to Slim & Fit wellness, in-depth, exciting, and rewarding!

Six days vegan diet, eight days Puriti Boxes of Wellness.

This program requires commitment, dedication and willpower.  It helps you find your ideal weight, with an average weight loss is 1 kilo per day, if it’s there to lose.

Puriti’s organic Thai adaptogen herbs delivering magic were required!

Get the best out of your program and indulge in Puriti’s 14 Day program guide, packed with delicious healthy recipes, life hacks and exercise plans.  The Puriti 14-Day Slim & Fit Wellness e-book, free to download with every order.  Delight your taste, smell and sight, feel lighter, more energetic and find tasks easy and enjoyable.

Book a consultation and indulge in yourself.

Go one step further towards your goal, find out what’s really going on in your body. Puriti’s Bio-resonance hair analysis gives you a detailed report on your nutrient levels. Tailor your lifestyle to support your body and your body will support you!

This program is recommended twice a year if you’re seeking continual, optimum health and vitality.

Benefits; WEIGHT LOSS 1 KILO PER DAY (average)

  • a true investment in weight loss goals
  • a purification of modern living 
  • naturally finding your balanced weight 
  • maintaining a healthy weight after the program
  • encourages optimum health and vitality 
  • stimulates natural healing 
  • a sustainable pathway to long-term good health.

Puriti products carry Organic Status, FDA and Codex approval, wholly grown, processed and shipped worldwide.

What's in your Program?

Slow Roasted Vegetables in Rosemary Oil and Pink Salts
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