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3 Day Pattern Interrupt Weight Loss Supplement Program

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The 3 Day Pattern Interrupt is a fast and easy way to feel great and lose up to 3 kilos!

Partied too hard and feeling the effects? This program is a great hangover cure! Puriti’s Thai organic herbs release toxins and stale energy, giving you clarity and power. Going to the beach, function or getting married. This program gives you the body you want!

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Go one step further towards your goal, find out what’s really going on in your body. Puriti’s Bio-resonance hair analysis gives you a detailed report on your nutrients levels.

An easy organic Thai herbal supplement program. Do once a month for continued weight loss.


  • Up to 3 Kilos weight loss, enable natural healing, naturally enhance vitamin and mineral uptake, a transition to healthy foods, increase skin quality and appearance, initiate a pathway to ideal weight.

What’s in your organic Thai herbal supplement program.

Puriti products carry Organic Status, FDA and Codex approval, wholly grown, processed and shipped worldwide.

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Sexy raw Chocolates, packed with anti-oxidents
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