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5 Day Call to Wellness 

Thai FDA Approved Supplement Program

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The 5 Day Call to Wellness is simply the best way to get your beach body lose up to 5k.

The most delicious way to find a new lease on life! 


The Call to Wellness is a moderately intense full-body program to slowly and progressively cleanse your body before you begin to train. If you’re looking for optimum fitness, power and strength you need to prepare. To give yourself the best possible opportunity for extreme fitness let this program re-set your body and mind. Fast and effective this 5-Day program is the reset your body needs to re-energize your metabolism and get your muscles working at optimum capacity.

A higher level of protein can be used from multiple pea-protein shakes and key foods these ensure you repair and rebuild muscle while detoxing. 


Lose up to 5 kilos, enjoy less body fat, switch on your healing processes, a transition to healthy foods, sharp focus, and clarity of mind, enhanced focus and vitality. Removes Candida and Parasites from the body, oxygenating the blood and removing Lactic acid.

Puriti products carry Organic Status, FDA and Codex approval, wholly grown, processed and shipped worldwide.

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