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If you are interested in the inner workings of your body, you’ll love the Puriti Bio-Resonance hair analysis personalised report. It’s so simple all we need is a lock of your hair, approximately an inch long and a half an inch thick. Our team of specialists assess your general well-being as well as any allergies and intolerances, vitamin or mineral deficiencies, gut health, liver function, hydration levels and general well-being. From the results of this analysis, we are able to personalise a menu plan to suit your individual requirements.

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What's in your Program?


Bio-Resonance not only identifies food sensitivities, vitamin and mineral deficiencies it also helps to indicate imbalances in your digestive system and gut flora all vital aspects of well-being. Addressing these areas can help to improve health issues you may to struggle to overcome. Once you have your Bio-Resonance report you can use it to plan your weekly diet, gravitate towards the types of food which heal.


Find out what’s wrong with Bio Resonance

Food sensitivity appears to be on the increase and surveys show that upwards of 45% of the population are affected. If you suffer from any of the symptoms mentioned, you may have food sensitivities, vitamin/mineral deficiencies or excess toxins in your body.

What Causes A Food Sensitivity?

Causes can range from enzyme deficiency in the gut, to particles of food passing from the gut into the bloodstream before being properly broken down. Poor diet and stress also take their toll on the body, all of which can lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies, organ imbalance and toxic overload.

Symptoms of food sensitivity vary and include IBS, poor digestion, fatigue, headaches, weight gain, aching muscles, anxiety, mouth ulcers and sinus problems. Once the antagonists have been identified and the body is rebalanced, most food sensitivities can be successfully overcome and the body restored to good health.

By using Boi Resonance you can identify the antagonists and rebalance the body. Most food sensitivities can be successfully overcome and the body restored to good health.

Well over 150 foods are tested for in this comprehensive hair analysis as well as vitamin and mineral deficiencies and many other important areas. The test results provide a guide as to which health issues may need to be addressed, including:


Food Sensitivities ~~ Vitamin Deficiencies ~~ Mineral Deficiencies ~~ Digestive System ~~ Gut Flora Balance ~~ Hydration ~~ Dietary Adjustments ~~ Suggested Supplements

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