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Healing benefit of Butterfly Pea!

As a herbalist and formulator, I’m always searching for plants, herbs, and spices that have interesting wellness applications. Studies proving their worth as modern day remedies, and traditional folklore showing their ability to heal. Every now and again I come across something special. The Butterfly Pea is one of those unique little gems that ignites my passion. This beautiful flower is commonly found in Asia, has proven scientific benefits, as well as the most incredible Cerulean Blue petals. It is used throughout ancient Siam and in modern Thailand as an elixir to calm the mood. In India, the Butterfly Pea is used as a cognitive enhancer known as Shanka Pushi. With all parts of this plant used over time, it has earnt its place in natural herbal medicine. The roots contribute therapeutic value and are often...

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Gut-Brain Connection

Have you ever been in a situation where you have deferred the vast cognitive abilities of the brain to instead ‘Go with your gut?’ or perhaps felt ‘Butterflies in your stomach’, as a reaction to an impending and potentially stressful event? If you are human and reading this, then the answer will invariably be yes. Over the past decade, as we delved further into the workings of the human body. We have discovered just how important the connection between our brain is to our neurology and furthermore the workings our nervous system. In clinical practice, evidence of the gut-brain axis has come from the link between the associated disruption of central nervous system disorders; such as autism and anxiety to...

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Five Best Thai Funky-Favourite Health Cafes!

You can’t say that Thailand isn’t a foodies paradise, especially Rawai with its charming noodle shacks and sweet local family run curry corners. However, for the health nut, there was a distinct lack of options while I was growing up other than chicken and rice. This all changed with the wave of fantastic health cafes popping up, each with their own vibe and of course their twist on culinary delights. Here is a locals guide to the best spots and some must-try treats.   Wilsons Cafe This comically named cafe has a “castaway” vibe with big comfy chairs and a vibrant scene. A hot spot with locals and tourists. There’s a reason people keep coming back for more! The smoothies...

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