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A word from Trinity – Our Puriti Brand Ambassador

As a young girl, I was scrawny, with long gangly legs, and the strangest homemade haircut a child could possibly own. A long way from the woman I would become. The negative change began to occur when I moved back to the UK. I no longer wanted to join in or play games due to bullying from the girls at my newUK school. I started spending all my time in my room reading and eating anything I could find to take me back to the fantasy world that I’d experienced during my younger years in Thailand. During this time I discovered comfort food, not that Thailand didn’t have comfort food but the closest you can get is mango sticky rice which is a far cry...

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Five Best Thai Funky-Favourite Health Cafes!

You can’t say that Thailand isn’t a foodies paradise, especially Rawai with its charming noodle shacks and sweet local family run curry corners. However, for the health nut, there was a distinct lack of options while I was growing up other than chicken and rice. This all changed with the wave of fantastic health cafes popping up, each with their own vibe and of course their twist on culinary delights. Here is a locals guide to the best spots and some must-try treats.   Wilsons Cafe This comically named cafe has a “castaway” vibe with big comfy chairs and a vibrant scene. A hot spot with locals and tourists. There’s a reason people keep coming back for more! The smoothies...

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Raw Vegan Chocolate Workshops – Ozen Maadhoo Maldives

INDULGENT CHOCOLATE RECIPES Place the cocoa butter into a pan heat on a low heat until the butter melts. Once melted, slowly add the cocoa powder and coconut sugar. Once the mixture is smooth, choose your recipe and mix ingredients into your bowl. Once completely blended spoon your mixture into your mould using a teaspoon and place in the fridge for 20 minutes to set. Main Ingredients 3 tbsp. of Cocoa Butter, 3 tbsp. of Cocoa Powered, 3 tbsp. of Coconut Sugar Golden Milk 1 tbsp. of Ground Almond, 1 tsp. vanilla, 4 tsp. of Golden Milk Paste, 1 tbsp. Coconut Oil, 1 tbsp. Coconut Milk Salted Chilli 1 tbsp. of Ground Almond, 1 tsp. vanilla, ½ tsp. Chilli, ½ tsp. Salt Matcha &...

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