A word from Trinity – Our Puriti Brand Ambassador

As a young girl, I was scrawny, with long gangly legs, and the strangest homemade haircut a child could possibly own. A long way from the woman I would become.

The negative change began to occur when I moved back to the UK. I no longer wanted to join in or play games due to bullying from the girls at my newUK school. I started spending all my time in my room reading and eating anything I could find to take me back to the fantasy world that I’d experienced during my younger years in Thailand.

During this time I discovered comfort food, not that Thailand didn’t have comfort food but the closest you can get is mango sticky rice which is a far cry from sticky toffee pudding and roast dinners.

The weight came slowly at first, my fast metabolism fighting a battle that over time the sugar won. It seemed the more weight I gained the more frustrated and angry with myself I would get which led to more eating as some sort of strange punishment.

This weight battle along with all my teenage hormones made for the perfect candidate for all the crazy wife’s tales and magazine hearsay telling me that crash diets where the answer.

I’d been brought up with all the knowledge I needed to rectify the situation in a healthy way but like any teenager, I rebelled.

For anyone who hasn’t experienced being overweight it’s like being trapped in a prison of your own creation, your skin is the brick walls, your mind the guard and the only way to open the doors is self-control. Self-control is a hard war with yourself, the more you force it the harder you fall and the worse things you start to think about yourself.

I was two stone overweight which for me made me not want to get out of bed in the morning and face a stranger in the mirror with my eyes confided in layers of limitation.

I decided that I needed to make a change and commit to my own happiness.

I moved back to Phuket and started the 14-day puriti program, of course still being the teenager I was skeptical it would work, I thought that my body wasn’t even capable of being fit and healthy.

The first program I lost 7 kgs and was feeling awesome. I’m not going to lie and say it was easy. I kept saying it’s not working, I’m still overweight and my mum (the creator of the program had to keep reminding me it had only been two days and to trust the process, so I squashed my fears and got on with it!

For the first 5 days I was hungry, not physically as the program focuses on feeding the body with nutrients and vitamins and not starving it like a water fast would do.

However, my mental mind was ravenous, the candida demanding a sugar fix leading to a few mood swings and dramatic moments that wouldn’t have seemed out of place in a Shakespearian tragedy.

After the first program, I felt incredible and inspired to continue on, however life has a way of messing things up.

I lost someone very important to me and found my self swimming in the self-contained cage again. It was my country of comfort and food was the currency but the more I ate the worse I felt.

I had learned self-control from the last 14-day program I had done so I was determined to rediscover that feeling again.

So six months later I took control and did another 14-day program!

This time I slid right back into the routine like it was nothing. I loved the feeling of freedom it gave me, finally, I could walk on the beach in a bikini without feeling like I was going to have a panic attack. My mind finally cleared and due to all the toxins being washed from my system and I started to feel I could take on the world.

Eating healthy and the right amount was now easy, no longer would I over stress about everything I ate. I would simply eat when I was hungry and craved new delicious treats like almond butter and everything oats!

Now eating a chocolate bar tastes like sugar plastic and I would gladly take a salad over sticky toffee pudding any day!

When my mum first asked me to show the comparison photos I said “no way!” I was embarrassed that I looked like I did and let myself get to that point and I just wanted to bury it away far from others eyes but then after thinking about it some more I thought that if I could help anyone in the same situation as me and to showcase how much this product works and changed my life then how could I keep it to myself.

I believe in Puriti, it’s so rare to find a product that actually works and does something good for humanity by educating and healing people from within.

The 14 Day Vital Wellness is for anyone that wants to make big changes in their lives!


Trinity x

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