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During your program, you follow a simple structured daily routine of delicious vegan meals, organic Thai herbs and supplements.  

Self-healing is the key to a blissful life. 

Puriti helps you to discover effective methods to weight loss, build muscle and gain lasting wellbeing.

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We all want to look and feel good, so why do we fail to achieve our goals?

Puriti weight loss supplements offer you a unique opportunity. Simply follow the duration and weight loss goals of choice and Puriti will deliver.  

All you need is the will!

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Each Puriti box contains one day’s supply of the finest, natural and organic supplements to support your transition to a healthier you. 16 sachets to help you lose weight and feel fantastic!

Review the Puriti  Supplement Programs and choose which program would best suit your schedule!

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Energetic Organic Thai Herbs

Our herbs are organically grown in Northern Thailand, near the Khorat Plateau. The average elevation is 200 metres, covering an area of about 155,000 square kilometres. The saucer-shaped plateau is divided by a range of hills called the Phu Phan Mountains.

The plateau tilts towards the southeast and drained by the Mun and Chi Rivers, tributaries of the Mekong River forming the north-eastern boundary. A perfect climate for the high-energy herbs grown for the Puriti programs. Some call it the Tuscany of Asia.

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