Q.         Is the Puriti Wellness Program a diet?

A .        No. The programs are designed to remove toxins, parasites and putrefied waste matter from your body.  We do however strongly promote a Puriti Rawsome diet once your program has been completed. This is based on an acid/alkaline balanced healthy diet, consisting of raw and juiced organic fruit and vegetables.

Q.         If the program is not a diet why did my friends liberate themselves from unwanted weight on their Puriti Program?

A.         Most people on their program remove unwanted body weight. This is due to the evacuation of compacted waste matter from the digestive system combined with an increase in metabolism.


Q .        Will I put the weight back on?

A .        Not if you adopt a healthy eating routine based on the Puriti Rawsome menus. Thereafter your weight will stabilise if you maintain a sensible dietary regime.

Q.         Do I have to drink so much water?

A .        Yes. Between 12 and 16 8oz glasses of water per day is vital to flush the toxins from your body and maintain your perfect hydration.

Q.         Can I survive on juice for 8 days?  Won’t I be hungry?

A .        Juicing for 8 days allows your body to recover from past abuse whilst providing an alternative to solid foods.  Very few people feel hungry whilst on the program as it contains a natural appetite suppressant.

Q .        I have a dinner date booked in the middle of my program, what should I do?

A .        Be committed to your program, order broth instead of solids. Being on the program makes for great conversation and you will be empowered by your levels of commitment.

Q.         I am on day two of my program and I have a headache; can I take a headache pill?

A.         A purification headache may occur when your body is expelling toxins. Ensure that you have drunk enough fluids. Coconut water is an excellent cure and can relieve headaches immediately.  If fluids are not enough then slow the cleansing process down by having a baked potato. This will temporarily arrest your purification process and relieve your headache.  If symptoms persist for longer than five days you should always consult your general practitioner

Q.         I forgot to take my 11am Puricaps, should I take them later?

A .       No. If you miss any of the scheduled supplements then simply carry on with the rest of the day as if you had taken them.

Q .        I suffer from depression. Is it worth my doing the program?

A .        YES. Depression can be caused by the continual re-absorption of toxins into your bloodstream. Removing these toxins will assist in lightening your mood and increase your general overall health.

Q .        I have finished my program and feel amazing; what can I do to maintain this feeling?

A.         Congratulations, Puriti recommends a plant based, natural foods diet to maintain and increase purification. Stick to a diet following the guidelines of the Puriti Rawsome menu consists of acid/alkaline balanced, healthy diet of raw, juiced and blended organic fruit and vegetables.

Q.         How often can I do the Puriti Wellness Program?

A .        We suggest three times in the first year, building up to the Puriti Vital Wellness Program, whilst maintaining a healthy diet. Thereafter once a year will be an excellent way to maintain your levels of optimum health and vitality.


Q .        Can I get a refund once I’ve purchased my boxes?

A.       We are proud of our supplements and stand behind them with a money back guarantee. In the unlikely case that you are not satisfied, please return the unused portion of your product within 14 days and we will refund your money, less shipping and handling. A credit will automatically be applied to your credit card or original method of payment, within 30 days of our receipt of the returned product.