Beetroot Hummus

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Prep 10 mins Creamy beetroot hummus, lemon and a hint of garlic.   2 small steamed or boiled beetroots 1 can cooked chickpeas Zest of lemon ½ juice lemon Pinch of pink Himalayan salt and […]

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Gut-Brain Connection

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Have you ever been in a situation where you have deferred the vast cognitive abilities of the brain to instead ‘Go with your gut?’ or perhaps felt ‘Butterflies in your stomach’, as a reaction to […]

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Banish the Blues

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As a herbalist and formulator, I’m always searching for plants, herbs, and spices that have interesting wellness applications. Studies proving their worth as modern day remedies, and traditional folklore showing their ability to heal. Every now and […]

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The hijacking of nutrition. There is a myriad of claims feeding contemporary society that superfoods can make you live longer, decrease cancer risk, or boost energy. There is a long history of marketing products that […]

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Vegan Black Bean Brownie Bites

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Totally awesome heavenly vegan, gluten free treats from Niki at Rebel Recipes.   Source: Black Bean Brownie Bites (Vegan, Gluten Free & Refined Sugar Free) | Rebel Recipes

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Wellbeing Revolution

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A really interesting read for hotel resorts looking to promote their in-house spas as a key avenue for growth, not only in general hotel occupancy but also guest in-house expenditure. Hard to ignore the vertical climb […]

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