Deborah Williamson, the drive, and passion behind Puriti. A qualified Detox and Weight Loss Specialist, Nutritionist, and British Herbalist. Deborah is currently studying Meta Health adding further depth to Puriti line of products and tailored programs. 

Hailing from the United Kingdom, Deborah spent a highly influential period of her professional life in the pressure cooker of City Brokering. The intensity and excitement of the London lifestyle, as compelling as it was all-consuming. The trappings and rewards of high finance became the trophies of her success. This lifestyle, however, was not without cost, and the price was her health. 

While enjoying time out at a wellness retreat in Phuket, briefly cocooned from modern living, Deborah experienced a feeling of pure health and well-being, fostering a desire to share her discovery and experiences. This, in concert with her entrepreneurial skills, was the catalyst for creation. The Puriti seed was planted.

A sea change saw Deborah work in collaboration with Master Herbalist Narong Bumrungwong, a third-generation Thai Chinese herbalist.

Together, they tested a broad array of energetic Thai herbs for inclusion in a range of wellness products. These products now having been proven to assist people who desire better health, and a continuous sense of well-being. Providing a strong defense against many of the preventable maladies of modern convenience living. 

Deborah has been delighted to see the programs featured in many exclusive spas and resorts throughout South-East Asia.

She says of Puriti, “In no time flat, our product was represented in some of the most exclusive spa brands in Asia. We see it as a testament to the healing and health properties of our products. Word spread because it delivered what it claimed and has continually given wellness to those who commit to the process.”

Twelve years later Puriti has gone from strength to strength, its products and retreats now available in some of the worlds best spa resorts. Deborah spends her time working as retreat host and visiting practitioner, guiding clients to find their own well-being practices, creating skillful wellness and a greater awareness of what it takes to be healthy, happy and well!

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