Q. Can you help mentor me during my program?

A. Deborah is always available to mentor our valued clients. Deborah is both encouraging and very knowledgeable about transforming one's well being in a short time. Message us for further information. 

Q. Will I be hungry?
A. Puricaps contain Garcinia, helping to suppress the appetite. You should find you are physically full but you may need to work on your mental food craving with meditation and hydration.

Q.How will I feel emotionally?
A.People can feel more emotional than usual during the first 4 days. Don’t rush through your emotions. Be kind to yourself.

Q.How many times a year can I do the program?
A.You can do the 14-Day program twice a year for the greatest benefits. The 5-Day four times and the 3-Day once a month.

Q.What diet do I follow after the program?
A.Begin to incorporate your favorite dishes from this guide, cutting out negative food patterns. Slowly begin to incorporate fish, chicken, and meat back into your diet if you wish.

Q.Do all fruits and vegetables need to be organic?
A.Follow this simple rule; if the skins on your fresh produce are thin, i.e. grapes, cucumber, apples, and berries, buy organic. When produce has hard outer shell or skin the need for organic is not as great.

Q.How many times in the 14 days do I make the signature broth?
A.Store in the fridge for three days and then repeat the recipe.

Q.Can I still workout?
A.Yes but take it easy during the first 5 days.

Q.What if I can't find a fruit or vegetable required for the menus?
A.Substitute a different seasonal fruit or vegetable that has been grown locally.

Q. I've got a headache what can I take?
A.A teaspoon of Bicarbonate Soda in warm water is a fast and effective way to get rid of a detox headache. Also works very well for mild stomach ache or upset stomach.