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Ritual good health is the key to a long and blissful life. Our program is easy to follow but holds superior benefits. Learn more about what we do and how we do everything we claim to.

Whats in the Box?

  • Capsules
  • Teas
  • Metabolisers
  • Relax


Our specially designed formula from founder Deborah Delaney.

The transition from an unhealthy lifestyle to one that is healthy can be punctuated by periods of feeling physically and emotionally drained. Puricaps are specially designed to assist you during this time.

Puricaps offer an incredible sense of balance and calm, we often take them even when we not on the program!


Strengthening the immune system, combating allergies and other immune diseases in a wholesome way. Purflora acts as food for healthy bacteria, promoting their growth in the digestive tract.

A prebiotic is a special type of soluble fibre used as fuel by the good bacteria in your body. The good bacteria, in return serve as a nutritional source for the colon’s own cells.


A natural blend of organic herbs that assist your body to evacuate its waste products. Efficient intestines ensure beneficial nutrients are retained via absorption, those that your body no longer requires are evacuated with ease.

Cumin acts as a digestive aid stimulating bowel action. Liquorice root soothes irritated membranes and Chamomile, which has been traditionally used as a carminative, is an excellent herb that benefits the whole central nervous system.

Shen Nong

5000 years ago there was believed to be a master herbalist named Shen-nong (神农) or translated literally to ‘The Divine Farmer’.

Shen-nong is responsible for bringing Tea to our teacups and Puriti brings you an excellent blend of Fig and Agasta flowers. These energizing herbs that can be consumed as a hot or cold infusion throughout the day.



Puriti Pak Wan is a delicious and naturally sweet vegetable tea. An infusion used by generations of Hill Tribe elders to promote sleep, health and well-being.

Our clients have found it refreshing and more effective than Chamomile for promoting a restful sleep. Pak Wan is loaded with vitamin C and can be consumed hot or cold.



Puriti uses the finest coconuts from one of the top organic farms in Thailand to create its coconut oil ingestible. From these coconuts, we create a clear healing oil that’s easy to take, and boosts your metabolism, encouraging natural weight-loss. Coconut oil and its unique combination of fatty acids have incredibly positive effects on our health, weight and brain function. Puriti’s organic first press Thai coconut oil is also a great energy booster. Coconut oil is perfect for cleansing the body, internally.


Mulberries are the product of the Morus rubra tree. Mulberries are delicious and nutritious. Puriti uses them as a powerful antioxidant tonic, it works well against infectious and degenerative diseases, as well as inflammation due to their high content of vitamins A,C and B, minerals and amino acids.


Purgreen super food is a unique combination of Moringa and Burdock, two of nature’s best
supplements due to the high amounts of calcium, iron and antioxidants.

Purgreen has a highly nutritious profile and has powerful anti-inflammatory and tissue protective properties among many other health benefits. Purgreen powder transforms into a powerful concentrated liquid nutrient. Great as a shot with a little water or blend with your first smoothie of the day!


It is so important that during your program you are able to take some time to relax, allowing your body to gently process the powerful herbs you will be consuming during your program.

Light excercise like yoga and walking are highly recommended to keep the body moving to aid in the process.

Teas like Shen Nong are the perfect way to help to soothe you into the mindset most beneficial for promoting inner wellness.

Tantra Bath Salts

Tantra foot and bath soak leaves your skin cleansed, relaxed and soothed. Calming the mind while you unwind.

Tantra contains low levels of magnesium which may soothe people with arthritis and help the body get rid of impurities responsible for exacerbating inflammation while also reducing swelling, stiffness, and pain.

Quick Results!

Yes we really mean this! You will begin to feel the healing effects from day one. On the longer programs as your body begins to give up its toxins and release long trapped pollutants deep within, you may experience what is referred to as a 'Healing Crisis' involving a light headache and a desire to resort to old eating habits, its important to push past this short phase as the benefits after are incomparable!

Visible benefits!

Guaranteed compliments from freinds and family as skin Ph begins to balance and becomes radiant!

We are born beautiful, let it shine out!

Cognitive Boost!

There are many benefits to taking a break from solid food, many of which have incredibly powerful benefits for brain power. It has been proven to reduce inflammation and stimulate brain cell growth! Crystal clear cognition that LASTS.

Cut Weight Healthily, Fast

Atheletes have to cut weight and often quickly, this can lead to some unhealthy and drastic weight loss practices.

5-Day Call to Wellness gently and efficiently put your body into a state of fat burning whilst shaving water weight.You can expect to lose 5 kilos on this program.


New Dietary Habits

Once you have 'quietened the system' and begin to experience natural clarity, you will begin to tune-in to the effects of what you consume and you may find that old cravings will dissapear.

People are 90% more likely to stick to their future dietary goals after 5 days of our program.

Abundant Energy

Lack of energy can be a serious problem when trying to reach ones goals. If every morning you could jump out of bed and you felt light and strong and ready to own the day... What could you acheive?

Get ready to supercharge your workouts and have the edge over your competition, whether that opponent is someone else... or you.

Deborah Delaney - Founder and Formulater

In 2006 after struggling with my health, mainly due to stress and poor eating habits, I found myself very unwell, time-poor, and a lack of knowledge of self-care. I decided to quit my job and embark on a journey to find a simple yet effective way to heal myself as well as keeping my children ailment free.

Qualifying as a British Herbalist, after sixteen years as a London broker, we left the UK, and I began to study Thai herbalism in Phuket, under 3rd Generation Master Herbalist Nguan Choon Tong. After a year of using the Puriti herbs, I quickly realized I had discovered something remarkable. Puriti is a unique program that if followed, brings about dramatic changes to one's well being.

Now, 15 years and thousands of positive transformations later in some of the world's best spas and hotels, we have tailored our programs to be enjoyed at home for the very first time. Puriti is more than a fancy diet trend or detox tea. It comes from the heart and works as a remarkable catalyst for change.

I hope you join us and become one of the many people who have experienced our program.


Photo: Deborah and daughter Trinity/Nai Harn beach

Within nature exsists many beneficial ingredients for human health, but not every ingredient is created equal. Thats why we make sure that everything we provide to you is grown using the most organic methods and is packaged correctly to ensure freshness so that when you receive a Puriti program you know that you can expect the best results.

All of our products are grown high in the Khorat Plateau in Thailand by our award winning organic farm. It has been an incredible process, designing the program, sharing our vision with the farms agriculture experts and finally bringing this incredible product to you.


No matter how much it gets abused, the body can restore balance. The first rule is to stop interfering with nature.” ~Deepak Chopra


WeWellness is a relatively new word in the health industry however, the ingredients we use have been tried and tested for 1000's of years and are backed by Science.

We set out 14 years ago to make a wellness program that would hold efficacy in the highest regard and give honor to the herbal doctrines that have been the basis of our medical sciences since the very first herbalists took pen to parchment.

Your daily program timetable and delicious recipe examples straight from our ebooks!

We are always available.

We created these programs to help, and so far we are honoured to have helped thousands of clients to achieve the most incredible transformations in not only their bodies, but minds too. We want to make sure that each and every program you embark on , you feel that all your questions have been answered and when you have new questions, that we are always around to guide you through the process. So please, if you feel that our programs interest you – get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

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