Science and Philosophy

“No matter how much it gets abused, the body can restore balance. The first rule is to stop interfering with nature.” ~Deepak Chopra

Wellness is a relatively new word in the health industry however, the ingredients we use have been tried and tested for 1000's of years and are backed by Science.

We set out 14 years ago to make a wellness program that would hold efficacy in the highest regard and give honor to the herbal doctrines that have been the basis of our medical sciences since the very first herbalists took pen to parchment.

Puriti is the first program like this of its kind, having proven results from thousands of clients. The time has come for you meet the doctor within.

"We are dedicated to supplying you with products that work, and only ever in their most organic form."

Within nature exsists many beneficial ingredients for human health, but not every ingredient is created equal. Thats why we make sure that everything we provide to you is grown using the most organic methods and is packaged correctly to ensure freshness so that when you receive a Puriti program you know that you can expect the best results.

All of our products are grown high in the Khorat Plateau in Thailand by our award winning organic farm. It has been an incredible process, designing the program, sharing our vision with the farms agriculture experts and finally bringing this incredible product to you.

Expert Thoughts

Lifestyle change and changes in diet work faster, better and more cheaply than any medication and are as effective or more effective than gastric bypass without any side effects or long-term complications.

- Mark Hyman M.D. -

When we set out to make the best wellness program in the world, we turned to the latest in Scientific research.

Our program has been designed to work with your body to access your innate healing abilities. If we were to make a program that really worked, it would be essential to know how the body works and how exactly our ingredients could influence certain processes that are the catalyst to lasting healing.

Check out our whats in the box page to find more information about each of our ingredients!

A 15 year old vision backed by 1000 year old ideals.

Puriti has a focus on indulgent vegan cuisine that promotes emotional balance, flooding you with nutrients and changing the bodies chemistry. Diet is complimented with exercise and mindfulness which allows for natural ways to relieve stress. No matter how run down you might feel, how busy your schedule may be, we have programs tailored to suit the needs of even the busiest of people, Puriti really is for everybody.

- Puriti Founder Deborah Williamson -

For many, our programs have been so profound as to be life changing. Catharsis is not uncommon. For others, it is a well-deserved respite, a reconnection to how their mind and body felt before the temptations of convenience living.

Whether you seek a complete transformation, a chance to revisit the core wisdom of better health practice or only time out in an exotic, supportive environment designed purely for your benefit, there is a Puriti Retreat for you. It’s as fun and light-hearted as it is focused and challenging. The perfect mix.

Your mind and body are a one-off, we don’t get another. Invest in you and lay a clear path to a healthy mind and body.

We have specially designed programs to fit your schedule!

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