14 Day Vital Wellness


Vital Wellness is in-depth, exciting and requires commitment and dedication. It helps your body find its ideal weight, gives clarity of thought while resetting your system to enjoy healthy foods and exercise. 

The program requires three days Rawsome Feasting on vegan cuisine before the commencement of the Puriti boxes. Ensuring readiness for the coming eight days of  Awesome Fasting and Puriti’s Organic Thai Herbal Supplements.

You’ll indulge in deliciously satisfying, organic fruit smoothies and mood balancing vegetable juices. Giving you the perfect balance of nutrients, while enabling healing and sensory pleasure.

On completion of your Puriti boxes, you can add depth to the healing process by enjoying three days more Rawsome Feasting (recipes included).

Explore the 14-Day program guide; luxurious vegan recipes by world-renowned chefs, with practical information designed for impeccable well-being. 

Recommended twice a year if you’re seeking continual, optimum health and vitality. The results are amazing!


    • Investment in personal well-being
    • purification of modern living
    • balanced weight naturally found
    • maintain a healthy weight after the program
    • encourage optimum health and vitality
    • stimulates natural healing
    • a sustainable pathway to long-term good health


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