3 Day Pattern Interrupt


1 x Puriti Box and 3-Day QuickFix guide.

16 sachets containing 9 different herbal products!

Vegan cuisine for three-day menus.

Average weight loss – 3 Days – 3 Kilos

Lose weight, feel fantastic. Reset negative patterns find a slim new you!

Shipped worldwide from Thailand.

FDA approved

3-Day Pattern Interrupt contains1 x Puriti box, organic Thai herbal slimming supplements and a QuickFix Guide, packed with delicious vegan dishes and slimming tips to help you lose weight and feel amazing. 


Average weight loss 3 days – 3 kilos.


  • lose up to 3kgs
  • initiate a pathway to ideal weight
  • Enable natural healing
  • enhance vitamin and mineral uptake
  • transition to healthy foods
  • increase skin quality and appearance

This program contains 1 Puriti Box and a 3-day QuickFix guide for slimming and beauty. Click below to find the magic behind the herbs and weight loss supplements.

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