14-Day Vital Wellness Program-Puriti
14-Day Vital Wellness Program-Puriti

14-Day Vital Wellness Program (8x Boxes)

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The Puriti 14 day Vital Wellness is a life changing experience. Free yourself from old patterns. This program can lead you to greater wellbeing. 

The Puriti 14 Day Vital Wellness Program includes:

8 x Puriti Boxes and 14-day vegan recipe and program guide

128 sachets containing 9 different herbal products!

Vegan cuisine ebook for 14 days program.

The Puriti 14 Day Vital Wellness includes; 8 x Puriti Boxes, organic Thai herbal wellness ingestibles and program ebook.

The 14 Day Vital Wellness is a life-changing experience, free yourself from old patterns.

Vitamin and mineral depletion causes fatigue, slow metabolism, and brain fog. Puriti vital wellness feeds, cleanses and supports your body leading to optimum mental and physical performance and vitality!

This program helps you to achieve long-term wellbeing and helps to find your ideal weight. The average weight loss on this program is 9 kilos.

Indulge in deliciously satisfying, organic fruit smoothies and mood balancing vegetable juices. Giving you the perfect balance of nutrients, while enabling healing and sensory pleasure.

Explore the complimentary 14 Day program guide; luxurious vegan recipes with practical information designed for impeccable well-being.

You’ll enter three days of raw food before commencing your eight Puriti boxes, followed by three days of raw food menus after your last box. Puriti is not a diet, it leads you towards healthy lifestyle choices, helping you to feel incredible.

3 Days Rawsome Feasting,

8 Days Puriti Boxes Awesome Fasting,

3 Days Rawsome Feasting

Recommended twice a year if you’re seeking your ideal weight and continual optimum health and vitality. The results are amazing!

Average weight loss – 14 Day – 9 Kilos

Give your wellbeing 100% and you’ll notice the difference fast!

Shipping worldwide from Thailand.

FDA approved facility


  • MASSIVE improvement in energy levels!
  • fantastic weight loss
  • investment in your well-being
  • purification of modern living
  • balanced weight found naturally
  • maintain a healthy weight after the program
  • encourage optimum health and vitality
  • stimulates natural healing
  • a sustainable pathway to long-term good health

Free from Wheat, dairy, lactose, yeast, gluten, salt, maize, soya, preservatives & flavoring. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Food supplements are not a substitute for a varied diet.

Shipping worldwide from Thailand.

*Please note, ingredients and equipment for making juices not included.

Products are organically grown and produced in Thailand in an FDA approved facility. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.