Wellness consultation with Puriti founder and British herbalist Deborah Delaney

Wellness consultation with Puriti founder and British herbalist Deborah Delaney

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The natural state of the body is optimal health and vitality, but everyday stress, food, pollution and even the information we consume can have a negative impact on your well-being.

I would like to help you to create and successfully implement working life practices to defend your body from the outside stimulus that is the progenitor to many diseases and ailments of our modern world.

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The price listed is for a 60 minute session, if you would like to work with me through your entire program please email zak@puritiprograms.com


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Why I begin my journey into Selfcare?

My family’s journey into Selfcare really began in 1992, with the birth of my son Zak. I began training as a British herbalist, hoping it would keep me grounded while working in the high-pressured world of London Broking. In 2005, I decided to close my brokerage, take the kids out of school and go in search of something more fulfilling and health-giving. I was not sure at the time what we needed but I knew there was something missing from our lives.

My well-being had become less than ok, to say the least. The stresses of work beginning to show physically and mentally. Psoriasis, heart palpitations and fluctuating weight issues were just some of the outward symptoms. We made a radical family decision, to sell up and travel the world in search of a better way of life.  During this time my health improved somewhat but my weight had ballooned by 15 kg. By the time we arrived in Thailand, I was feeling completely burnt out.

We immediately fell in love with Phuket, Zak and Trinity started at the international school and I began to immerse myself into the ancient Thai practices of health and well-being. I was fortunate to meet and train under Master Lew a 91-year-old Thai Chinese herbalist. We sat for hours sipping tea, while Master Lew told me stories of ancient healing remedies written on temple walls. I spent a year working on a program that changed how I felt mentally, physically, and spiritually, learning from him the benefits of organic Thai herbs, and tropical raw foods.

To my amazement I began to regenerate my mind and body and began to feel as though a new future had opened up to me, a future a funded by my well-being and not dictated by my dis-ease.

It soon became evident that I had stumbled on a herbal wellness program that could make a difference to the lives of others, as it had done for my own.

In 2005, I created Puriti Programs, a collection of herbal supplements and a disciplined schedule that worked for all those who committed to their own wellbeing.  Three programs designed to help people achieve great wellbeing in an easily accessible format using a blend of ancient practices with the benefits of modern scientific techniques.

The next step was to find a way to produce what I had achieved for other people. Fate stepped in at this point. I met an incredible Thai herbalist who not only had the first organic farm in Thailand, an FDA approved manufacturing plant for all things herbal but someone with great integrity who share the same visions as myself in providing global wellness! 14 years later we’re still working with Khun Virat and his dedicated team located in WangNamKiew of Nakorn Ratchasima Province. The farm is Organic Certified by International Body IFOAM. Our farm has a long history in organic production and certified by Organic Thailand in 2005 and has been a research and development center since 1990. We manage our herbal production with heartfelt care in all aspects, all our products are carefully grown, and hand-selected for delivery to our valued customers.

It was around this time I met Sonu Shivdasani, Indian-British Hotelier, founder, and CEO of Soneva, luxury resorts in Thailand and the Maldives. He committed to our 14-day Vital wellness program and loved it so much he asked us to start supplying his incredible resorts.

Soneva Jani has just been voted Best Luxury Resort Worldwide 2019. Puriti is also available in Soneva Fushi, and Soneva Kiri as well as Six Senses Spas throughout the world.

Like the amazing companies we partner with, we take an integrative approach to wellness, understanding it’s not just one thing that makes us well, it’s a collection of different actions that bring about great change for the mind-body and spirit.

Puriti has a focus on indulgent vegan cuisine that promotes emotional balance, flooding our body with nutrients and changing our body chemistry. Diet is complemented with exercise and mindfulness which allows for natural ways to relieve stress. No matter how run down you might feel, how busy your schedule may be, we have programs tailored to suit the needs of even the busiest of people, Puriti really is for everybody.

The journey into wellness is a rocky one but the rewards are lasting and priceless, I’m so blessed to have moved our HQ to Mallorca and to be working with my children Zak and Trinity after years of living the Puriti lifestyle they have taken their roles within the company. Adding value to our family business and our continued success in spreading the word of wellness.

The Puriti goal is simple; to guide, support and empower everyone seeking renewal, helping people realize their full potential and achieve vibrant long-lasting health!