Puriti Corporate

Each retreat is tailored to you and your employees needs, delivered in some of the worlds best locations.

Puriti is in proud partnership with Rossa Events (Mumbai) and Aspire Six Sense. Together we have launched Wellness by Design, an integrated employee wellness (3-day) training retreat.  Our mindfulness, exercise, nutrition, creative art and spa practitioners will be delivering these retreats throughout South East Asia.

Pinky Kataria is the founder at Rossa events, with a client servicing background in advertising. Pinky has worked and represented the Federation of UAE chambers of commerce and industry (FCCI) in event management and is a certified event planner from the Institute of professional event planners Blackford centre, London UK.

Ian Malcolm Matthews was an ex-British Army Commander and Cisco EMEA Training Manager. Today he specialises in providing Modern Mindfulness-based Wellness Training and team energising sessions for companies and people throughout Europe and Asia. 

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The De-Stress Program

A complete holistic approach to reducing symptoms of anxiety, panic and chronic worry. Reset your nervous system with deep relaxation and calming techniques, mindfulness practice and breathing methods to prevent chronic hyperventilation. You will also come away with a good understanding of the physiology of anxiety symptoms and how you can take back control over your life. Inner peace and calm can be yours, even during busy, stressful circumstances. This retreat is perfect for those how have trouble sleeping or experience anxiety.

The Re-connect Program

Would you like to reconnect with yourself and begin a new healthier working life? This retreat gives you the tools you need to put in place new habits of eating well, exercising, communicating and expressing your feelings and needs in a positive way. You will engage in mindfulness practice, yoga, scenic walks and therapeutic treatments. Now is the time to start on a new journey of health and well-being. This retreat is perfect for those in transition, who have spent a life time working and now would like to begin to enjoy new and exciting challenges.

The Second Spring Program

Would you like to start a new healthier, happier chapter in your life? This retreat is for people over 40 and will inspire you and give you all the tools you need to eat better, increase physical activity, and begin new positive habits of body and mind. You will practice mindfulness, deep relaxation and stress management techniques, as well as yoga, walking and creative movement. Develop a plan for your next steps forward. The time is now to make this phase of your life the best one yet! This retreat is perfect for those who have suffered from stress, ill health, redundancy or just want to reclaim their energy and personal power.

Finding Your Voice 

This retreat is uplifting and exciting, it will beckon you back to your most natural, authentic self… how you feel, what you love, how you would like to express yourself, what you dream about. Guiding you through a series of workshops which will enable you to find your inner voice. Often, we find ourselves lost in life not knowing which way to go. If you’re on a cross road, wishing to change careers or move up the ladder, this retreat is for you. It incorporates nutrition, yoga and mindfulness whilst teasing out the fearless person that’s inside, reconnect with yourself and your unique gifts. This retreat is perfect for those looking to change jobs, move up the career ladder or step out from the shadows to become fearless in their lives.