Imagine an exotic location, perfect in every way, where you receive personalised wellness. Always the freshest of organic produce.  Cuisine to excite the palate and indulges the senses. Where nutrition meets simplicity and benefits are life-changing…

Experience health that tastes, looks and feels fabulous.

If you are dreaming of a place where you can activate your well-being, learn new personal skills. Gain a greater understanding of your needs,  while keeping you feeling vital and alive.

Choose Puriti

Wellness you can indulge in! 

Puriti Retreats, supplying you which what you need to feel amazing. Carefully planned nutritional menus, delicious vegan cuisine, with plenty of opportunities to indulge in different forms of movement from; Pilates, Tai Chi, Kung-Fu and Yoga, Gym work, Walking and Swimming. Each designed to suit your level of fitness and flexibility. 

Spa treatments are fundamental during the retreat, the benefits felt instantly. You’ll learn about health and wellness practices. Enabling you to glean valuable personal knowledge about what makes you well, helping you to apply new skills to your daily life.

For many, a Puriti Retreat is so profound as to be life changing! Catharsis is not uncommon. For others, it is a well-deserved respite, a reconnection to how their mind and body felt before the temptations of convenience living.

Whether you seek a complete transformation, a chance to revisit the core wisdom of better health or only simply time out in an exotic, supportive environment designed purely for your benefit, there is a Puriti Place for you. 

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