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Our organic Thai herbal FDA approved supplement programs are a unique way to help you lose weight. Puriti has been supplying weight loss programs for 12 years within 5 * resort environment. The programs are now available to the public. Puriti gives you easy to follow deliciously indulgent, anti-oxidant packed vegan menus and simple exercise routines.  You can lose up to 9kg with Puriti Slim and FIt program. Whether you’re a personal wellness enthusiast, have tried yo yo diets or a professional bodyworker looking to expand your practice, you will find that there’s something here for you! Look forward to connecting. 

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What’s going on with your mind and body?

More and more people are seeking the best solutions to combat their health issues, and weight loss problems. We are craving energy, looking for natural ways to stay slim and well. Puriti is the key to this success! 

A nurtured environment, with healthy, wholesome, exciting foods. 

If you are experiencing higher stress levels, can’t lose weight and have annoying symptoms. Puriti takes care of all this for you. Simply commit and follow the simple step by step guides.

Puriti is the KEY to:

  • feeling slim and beautiful
  • getting your energy back and feeling amazing each and every day
  • clearing the brain fog and feeling sharp and focused
  • fixing skin problems
  • getting rid of inflammation
  • maintaining your ideal weight
  • increasing your libido
  • feeling like yourself again!

If you would like to begin, send us a message or book a consultation to discover ways you can enjoy every day, feeling energetic and well. Discover more about Puriti home wellness programs and our luxurious spa properties, get organised and kick-start your vitality. 

Puriti products have Organic Status, FDA and Codex approved. Puriti products are wholly grown, processed and shipped from the first farm to achieve organic status, in Thailand. We use only the finest organic Thai herbs, coconut oil, mulberries and smiles. Shipped worldwide and available in resorts the UK, Thailand and the Maldives.

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