PuritI is an integrated approach to wellness, designed to strengthen the connection between mind and body for increased health and fulfilment.

We live on a planet that has been ravaged by modern living and the consequences have a direct effect on our well-being. Puriti offers many services personalized to various wellness needs. Wind down from your chaotic pace of life and melt away aches, tension, and pains through our diverse puriti programs and boxes. Your spirit will soar like an eagle, with our treatments that bring about well-being and balance, fostering healthy and positive body image.

Our programs are unique in that it streamlines the wellness process in easily doable steps and with everything simplified, the journey to a healthier you occurs naturally, becoming life-changing. Wherever you are in your journey, be you a personal wellness enthusiast or a professional bodyworker looking to expand your practice, you will find that there’s something for you here!

Are you ready to take back your life and ACHIEVE BALANCE?

Now IS the best time to look within and begin your journey to a healthier, more fulfilled YOU! Retreating into Puriti gives our mind, body and spirit an opportunity to reset. An opportunity to learn to deal with the stresses that beset our lives, while gently moving forward towards, equanimity, peace of mind and gratitude.

Indulge in wellness today and experience unique inner transformation while reconnecting with your body and elevating your energy levels to premium peak performance.

Discover Wellness

Each of the Puriti Programs comes with one, three or eight Puriti boxes. The organic Thai herbs and supplements contained in the box assist the internal purification process. You’ll gain a wellness rhythm as you move through each day, which in turn establishes new pathways to health and vitality. 

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  Puriti 1 Day Box Program  
Juice day and Activities schedule  
Time Puriti Program Box Schedule & Activities
07.30 am 30 Minutes light gym work or beach walk
08.00 am Smoothie add Purgreen /Puricaps & Puroil
08.30 am Exercise      
10.00 am Purberry (add to water or drink as a shot)
11.00 am Fruit Smoothie / Puricaps & Puroil
12.00 pm Spa treatment 60 mins  
1.00 pm Purberry (add to water or drink as a shot)
2.00 pm Exercise      
3.00 pm Vegetable Juice / Puricaps & Puroil
5.00 pm Purberry (add to water or drink as a shot)
6.00 pm Nutritious Broth Followed by Sweet Potato
7.00 pm Foot soak      
8.00 pm Purbiotics      
9.00 pm Purevac      

3-Day Pattern Interrupt

Take a break from your normal routine and reset old negative patterns.

This is an easy program that can be done over a weekend and it includes one Puriti box. It works on a subconscious level and gives you an opportunity to drop negative habits for your overall well-being.


  • Enable natural healing
  • enhance vitamin and mineral uptake
  • transition to healthy foods
  • increase skin quality and appearance
  • initiate a pathway to ideal weight

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5-Day Call to Wellness

Seeking more stamina and natural beauty? Want to balance your moods and improve your mental sharpness? This program is perfect for you. It is a highly beneficial and fun program, that enables you to relax into your onward health regime.

It includes three Puriti boxes and opens a pathway to well-being.


  • encourage your ideal weight
  • switch on your healing processes
  • transition to healthy foods,
  • glowing skin
  • clear eyes
  • clarity of mind
  • enhanced focus and vitality

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14-Day Vital Wellness

This program is in-depth, exciting and requires commitment and dedication. It includes eight Puriti boxes that’ll help your body find its ideal weight while rewarding you with clarity and vitality. Perfect if you’re looking for a lifestyle change.  It’ll help you overcome any tired, heavy feeling you may be experiencing, will revitalize your skin, eliminate digestive problems and remove blood impurities – quite literally giving you a new lease of life!

Recommended twice a year if you’re seeking continual, optimum health.


  • Investment in personal well-being
  • purification of modern living
  • balanced weight naturally found
  • maintain a healthy weight after the program
  • encourage optimum health and vitality
  • stimulates natural healing
  • sustainable pathway to long-term good health

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Befriending your Body

Wellness is broadly defined as “the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort.” [Dictionary.com]

Choosing to begin a Puriti Program is a pledge to yourself, a pledge to take responsibility for your personal well-being. Puriti will help guide your journey to impeccable well-being and inspire you to take a step out of time, centre and re-become.

Once we understand wellness is a process, rather than wellness being something we achieve. We can be deliberate and choose behaviours that will lead us towards our desired state. If we only think of wellness as a state of being, we could very well overlook important considerations that will help us sustain our state of being.

An Easy Program

Each 1-Day Puriti Wellness Box has the organic Thai supplements required to begin your journey to well-being. The program has an easy to follow timetable. Each of the 16 sachets, taken throughout the day, have instructions for use. The program suggests times for nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness meditation. You can be as active or as relaxed as you choose.

Embrace the Benefits

Puriti can help you to find equilibrium by helping your body find its natural pH balance and cleansing you of unwanted undigested foods, parasites and inflammation. Our programs can help you find your natural weight, gain vitality and feel supercharged. Your skin, nails and hair will grow quicker and you’ll look and feel younger than you’ve felt in years.